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Practice Areas

Family Law: My 40 years of experience runs the gamut from simple dissolutions to complex divorce and custody cases. I litigate custody matters in both the Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts. I represent individuals in post decree support and visitation matters. I am also experienced in paternity actions and the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements.



Probate: I regularly counsel and advise individuals regarding their estate planning needs including Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Financial Powers of Attorney, Transfer on Death Deeds and other probate avoidance devices. I also process estates of deceased individuals in Probate Court. In addition, I handle Guardianships and step-parent Adoptions.


Criminal Law: As a defense attorney, I have handled hundreds of criminal cases in my 35 years of practice in both Federal and State courts. I have represented individuals accused of all types of crimes including drug trafficking, sex crimes, assault, theft, white collar crimes, burglary, robbery, drunk driving and traffic violations.

Bodily Injury/Workers Compensation: I represent individuals who have suffered bodily injury from all types of accidents. I will negotiate their claims with insurance companies and when necessary I will pursue their claims in court. I insure that they are treated with respect and compensated fairly. I also represent many people who have been injured at work. I handle their workers compensation claim filed with the Ohio BWC. My representation includes victims who have suffered minor injuries to victims of catastrophic injury or death.

Civil Litigation: Civil litigation is a regular and continuing part of my practice. I have litigated a wide variety of civil matters, including but not limited to contract cases, real estate transactions, residential construction matters, personal injury, consumer litigation, business litigation, and workers compensation.


Comprehensive Legal Services: If your legal need is outside my area of expertise, I can still help. I associate with a group of seasoned and experienced attorneys who can counsel you on a wide range of legal matters including Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, Trusts, Taxes, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Zoning.

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